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 ST Tropez Tan



St Tropez is a revolutionary tanning treatment much favoured by many film and television celebrities and is now available in the Thames Valley.

The H:Room,  in Cross Street, Reading was one of the first companies in the UK to feature the Tanning Spray, a 15-20 minute treatment which guarantees a beautiful, even tan lasting up to a week.  The treatment has been hailed as a breakthrough in cosmetic tanning, using only natural products and having no side effects.

The St Tropez Tan combines bronzing agents with Aloe Vera and moisturiser, which is applied to your body like an airbrush, which you then buff dry.  Its numerous advantages include no threat of UV damage, no streaks or unsightly orange colours and quick, convenient application in total privacy.


In a sentence – the perfect tan – in minutes!


Before having a tan there are a few things to do to ensure your tan is perfect.  Exfoliate sitting in a bath, this ensures that your skin is free from all dead skin. Shave if necessary and lightly moisturise with a non-oily product.

If you have had waxing treatment, you need to wait for 48hrs before a tanning session.

Wear loose clothing, i.e. baggy trousers or a skirt, flip-flops, etc.

Many ladies do not wear a bra when they leave the salon after a tan


stA therapist can be with you at all times, most ladies wear a thong or nothing but gentlemen we ask that you wear underpants or swimming trunks if a therapist is with you.

You will leave with a colour called a bronzer, this is not your tan, your fake tan will develop underneath the bronzer and takes 8-12 hours. Many people sleep with the bronzer on and shower it off in the morning. The bronzer leaves very little staining and easily washes out if it should come off on anything.

Once your tan has fully developed lightly shower in order for the bronzer to be removed. With a flannel and the water gently wash the bronzer off, this will reveal your proper tan. When all the bronzer has gone then use your products to wash. Dab yourself dry with a towel rather than rub. Moisturise as often as you want, this is one the keys to prolonging your tan.

If you would like your fake tan to be a deeper tone, you can achieve this by the use of the sunbed for 3 or 6 mins before the St Tropez airbrush Tan.

The tan will last for 5-10 days. 

Now offering the NEW ST Tropez Dark Tan as well.

PRICE ONLY: £30.00

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